Josie Soden

About Me

I am a multifaceted individual living my life to the fullest, I do what I love and I love what I do!

I’m in my element in front of the camera, and have an engaging, confident persona. I take pride in my work and always aim to deliver at the highest level. I have worked with renown brands across the world for more than a decade.

Building a partnership with brands to ensure their content thrives, is what I do best, be it presenting, modelling, singing, hosting events, conducting interviews, tours and live demonstrations, I love a challenge!

I have organically built my own following on social media so I understand the commitment, consistency and passion needed to make something successful!



Natural Beauty

Hair care is my passion.I have always been know to be experimental with my hair, and take my time with my hair styles. I love being able to express my self in various ways with how I manipulate my hair. I also strongly believe that hair-care has the power to unlock your identity, and teach you to embrace your true colours and not shrink your God given beauty to fit in with theirs.

I used to hate my hair, but in hindsight I have realised that it had a direct correlation with not having the right hair products and knowledge of how to look after my hair, knowledge is power and ultimately lifts your self-esteem.

It’s more than a hair product it’s a bottle to boost your confidence!

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I will deliver quality results. I have worked with prestigious brand partners across the UK to bring their products/events to life in an interactive way, be it to drive sales, expand their online presence or provide entertainment.